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My Faith Did

And so I take the qualifying examination..

My previous blog post will tell you how devastated I am and torn at the same time between giving up and pursuing my dreams and become a CPA. I tell you how crucial it is to pass the said examination that the idea of not taking it bothers me. I am afraid that I would not be able to make it.

The examination went on last February 8 and 15..

Whenever the questionnaires fell on my hands, I’ll write my name, take a glance over the first page, close my eyes then I’ll pray.

I asked for His guidance and wisdom. I asked Him to remind me all the lessons that I have learned and blessed me. I told Him that I would not be able to answer those if I’ll just rely on my own efforts. I told Him that if it’s really for me, so be it. That if it is His will, so be it.

I even told my friends that it will only be miracle if I will be able pass it, because I wasn’t really prepared. The first week, I only read Business Law and Practical Accounting 1. And on the 2nd week, ¼ of MAS is what I have only reviewed. I swear to God, my chances of passing were just like a mustard seed.

And then February 17 happened..

I remember how my best friend Regine got nervous. How she sigh heavily every minute that day. How I told her to stay calm coz I am very sure that she made it. And how I was just so cool, laughing and throwing jokes with my friends that day. I wasn’t really expecting anything. But at least I am praying..

“Pumasa tayo, Gine?! Pumasa tayo!!!”, I told her when I confirmed that I was really in. I was literally jumping and rejoicing that I can’t help but cry. Tears of joy. Out of 84 examinees, I made it to be on the Top 30. I hug her and still hug her tight. I just can’t really believe that I made it. God made it for me!

Result of the Qualifying Examination for 5th year BS Accountancy, 2014. See my name on #20! :)
See my name on #20! 🙂

I am so much overwhelmed how God loves me this much. That even how sinful I am. Even though I neglected Him at times. I haven’t been to church for two consecutive Sabbaths. I haven’t been praying constantly for like forever. He loves me still that even though how I didn’t deserve His love, His blessings.. Still He gave me those unconditionally. No words could express how thankful I am to Him for giving me this! I just realized how powerful prayer is.

Sometimes, you just have to have faith. Err, no. You have to HAVE faith. Faith in God. Faith in His power. Faith in His blessings. Faith in His grace. Faith in His love..


I tell you my friends, I didn’t really passed the exam..





My faith did..