When I said, “Hi”

Memories with you start flashing;
How the class went on and beside me, you’re sitting.
I guess, everything began the day I said, “Hi”
And you just nod and answer it with a smile.

The next day, we became partners.
We spent a lot of time and get to know each other.
In an activity that we are both assigned;
Starting to have this feeling I could not define.

That’s when I told you about my past;
Thought that my previous love was precious yet it only rust.
How much he hurt me and then left me broken,
I just can’t help but cry coz it’s badly aching.

And then you told me that I didn’t deserved that.
That guy, this pain—those things that I rant.
“You should be happy”, that’s what you said;
You cheer me up and never leave me until I finally can.

And when insecurity is swallowing me,
You’ll whisper in my ear and say, “You’re pretty”
I smile as those words make me shiver;
My cheeks heat up as if I’m having a fever.

I know back then that I am falling for you,
But I am too afraid coz you might not feeling the same too.
I swear, I thought I would have a heart attack,
When you told me you love me; I was so shocked!

Everyday seems like forever when I was in your arms,
I tell you I love you and totally hooked by your charms.
We sing, dance and we laugh and cry;
I want you for a lifetime, I hope you don’t mind.

Inspired by Jessamine Anne Verzosa and James Peter Arellano’s Love Story  🙂


Dead Stars

Fixed marriage.

A boy and a girl were tied by the knot of fixed marriage. Though, they don’t love each other, they can’t just get out from that miserable arrangement. They don’t have a choice. So the least thing that they could do is to be with each other.

Unconsciously, the girl just found herself falling for the guy. She just can’t fight it. But things just become more complicated because the guy loves another girl. The girl thinks that whether the guy would know about her feelings or not, it won’t change the fact that the guy loves someone and he can’t love her back. The guy and the other girl used to see each other often. But since they were both compromised by the arrange marriage, the guy just can’t leave the girl alone. He made a choice that would definitely left his heart broken. He left the other girl. He stayed by his wife’s side.

Years later.

Who would have thought that the guy will be in love with his wife? Yes. They now love each other. They seem happy with each other’s loving arms.

One day, the guy met the other girl. After long years, they meet again. With no words spoken, the guy felt confused. At that moment, he got confused by his feelings. His heart skip a beat when his eyes lay upon the other girl and flashes of memories with her just came back rapidly. And somehow, he missed the feeling.

And then, he thought he still love her.

He didn’t know what to do. He loves his wife very much but she can’t just handle the feelings that the other girl brought to his veins. He can’t stop thinking about her. About the what if’s. About the things that they would probably doing if their still together. It feels like a lifetime torture. He never wanted to hurt his wife’s feelings.

Then, realizations hit him. He might still love the other girl. Or maybe the memories that they’ve shared but not the person herself.

But he loves her wife very much. He was in love with his wife.

“I love you” is different from “I’m in love with you” – am I right?


Have you heard about the dead stars?

According to Mr. Webster, stars are fixed luminous point in the night sky that is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun. They were basically travel through thousands of light years. And as they travel through these thousands of light years, stars gone dead. Before they could reach their destination, they were dying.

Many of us were fascinated by the beauty of stars, but, in reality, the beauty itself is not there anymore. The light that they possess remains when they died. That’s the very reason why we think they were still there, shining so bright and feels so alive – even if they weren’t any longer.

Just like in this story – in love.

Sometimes when we saw the person that we previously loved, we got confused. Our heart raced. Memories keep on flashing. Questions running into our minds. And the worst is we’re ending up making wrong decisions. Letting go the person that we love in the present and everything. But it was purely absurd. We must not let our hearts overrule us, because our hearts get easily deceived. In times like this, we were blinded by the memories that we’ve shared with them. The promises that we have made. That promise of loving each other till the very end. We were blinded by the idea of love. We sometimes thinks it was love when in fact, we were just in love by the idea of being love.

Just like the stars, we generally think that they were still there, so near, yet they were not. They were all just dead stars.

Thanks to Dale’s friends, Jez and Ivan for sharing these thoughts. Making me realized something. Ooooops, I know, someone can also relate herself with this. Hello, Regine! Hahaha 😀

Letters To No One

Happy Mother’s Day! ♥

Mama! ♥

Carried me in her womb for nine months and continuously taking care of me for more than nineteen years—-Mama.

I will forever be thankful to God for giving me a privilege of being her daughter. I admire her a lot. For her perseverance, her determination and for loving me and my other seven siblings unconditionally.

The Bible points out that parents are the stewards of God on His sons and daughters. In the book of proverbs, it says..
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

My mother was excellent in referring to this verse.. She may not be the perfect mother. She may not be the ideal mother. She may not be the kind of mother that you can watch and read in all the dramas.. But ‘ideal’ is ‘ideal’, I could say that my mother is more of ‘real’.

She commits mistakes. She cries. She gets tired. She nags. She punishes. She demands. She screams. She gets angry. But in all of that, I am proud to say that she never gives up.

When she felt like she’s close to giving up, she’ll pray.

Yes. She doesn’t have the same religion as mine. But there’s no big deal with that. I’d learned how to respects each other’s religion because of her.

Our house is not just a house. It’s a home. We don’t have a perfect mother-daughter relationship but I know by heart that we love each other so much.

Words are not enough how much I treasure her as a mother. Whenever I am afraid, next to God, she’s the one that I am calling. For I know, she will be the one who’ll never think-twice in helping. In showing her love. In taking care of me.

It might be odd, but I seldom can say to her those three words but obviously as I write this one, what I am feeling now is beyond those three words.

I know some time, some day.. It will happen that you will read this Mama. Just like what Taylor’s song ‘The Best Day’ said..

“Now I know why all the trees change in the fall. I know you were on my side even when I was wrong. And I love you for giving me your eye. Staying back and watching me shine and I didn’t know if you knew so I’m taking this chance to say, that I had the best day with you today.”