When I said, “Hi”

Memories with you start flashing;
How the class went on and beside me, you’re sitting.
I guess, everything began the day I said, “Hi”
And you just nod and answer it with a smile.

The next day, we became partners.
We spent a lot of time and get to know each other.
In an activity that we are both assigned;
Starting to have this feeling I could not define.

That’s when I told you about my past;
Thought that my previous love was precious yet it only rust.
How much he hurt me and then left me broken,
I just can’t help but cry coz it’s badly aching.

And then you told me that I didn’t deserved that.
That guy, this pain—those things that I rant.
“You should be happy”, that’s what you said;
You cheer me up and never leave me until I finally can.

And when insecurity is swallowing me,
You’ll whisper in my ear and say, “You’re pretty”
I smile as those words make me shiver;
My cheeks heat up as if I’m having a fever.

I know back then that I am falling for you,
But I am too afraid coz you might not feeling the same too.
I swear, I thought I would have a heart attack,
When you told me you love me; I was so shocked!

Everyday seems like forever when I was in your arms,
I tell you I love you and totally hooked by your charms.
We sing, dance and we laugh and cry;
I want you for a lifetime, I hope you don’t mind.

Inspired by Jessamine Anne Verzosa and James Peter Arellano’s Love Story  🙂



I am looking at her and asking myself.
What’s about her that made you fell?
Is it her eyes that shines when she smile;
Or the way she carry herself with her own style?

I have talked to her once, as far as I remember.
Those were the days that we seems like storytellers.
Well, I can tell that she’s really intelligent,
Adorable! Even she won’t intent.

I heard a lot of things about you two,
From different persons and others point of view.
But I’ll never know how you’ve shared love then;
And decide to break it off in all of a sudden.

Sometimes I wish that I was her;
So I would know the reasons behind those stares.
But indeed, I am nothing compare to her;
To the one who caught your eye and you’ve once cared.