To My Favorite Guy


Love Letters of Peach

Once I had a dream that I was getting married. But even in my dream, I knew everything was untrue. I swore to remember the face of my groom…

But I didn’t.

Meeting you made me believe with koi no yokan, the feeling of having a chance that we would end up together. I told no one, and I immediately shrugged the thought away. It seemed pathetic and hopeless that you, a quiet individual who was addicted to anatomy would fall in love with me, a hopeless romantic who wanted to know the beginning of everything but didn’t do something about it.

After two semesters, you did.

During the fights that we had been through, I thought our relationship would not last. I would close my eyes and remember how I threw my Christmas gift to your face, rode a jeepney and gave you up. What made me gave

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