Just A Feeling

I just wished that this feeling would go;
Regain myself to someone I know.
Coz it’s hard to admit that I’m dying for this,
That in your world, I want to exist.

I have been devoted in denying that this is love;
Coz if I do, I might fall too hard.
“it’s just a feeling, just a feeling’
Just like the song keep on saying.

You talk to my friends and never to me.
You laugh with my friends and never with me.
I don’t know if it’s just me or there’s something;
Or you just don’t like me having this feeling.

It hurts me more when it seems that you can’t see me.
I can’t come into your world, there’s a boundary.
Yeah, I know. This is so much depressing,
The fact, that I’m thinking it more than my subject Auditing.

I always tell myself that “It’s okay”
Even if the feeling’s not mutual, I won’t have a bad day.
For I am very aware where this is leading,
There is no YOU and I. No US to begin with anyway.

PS: Happy one year, feelings! Haha 😀